Tuesday, May 5, 2009

27 Things - Sacramento Public Library

To save Internet space (as if it's limited, I know, but there's no use cluttering it up with one more inactive blog), I'm using a blog I set up as an SJSU MLIS graduation requirement. I'm explaining this just in case you're wondering why there are book reviews on the other blog entries. The original intent of this blog was to share book reviews across fiction genres, organized with a variety of tags. So far, I only got around to entering reviews about books I've already read, so you may notice a trend in the materials listed. However, the blog does have a couple of interesting features, such as the images of book covers pulled from my cataloged collection on LibraryThing. That's another site you may want to explore for education and entertainment.

My blogging vision was to create a comprehensive list that can be categorized by a reader's "mood," as well as more common tags. Then I found this in the library: 1001 Books for Every Mood by Hallie Ephron. That book not only organizes the book descriptions by mood, but also has a system of icons to mark the reviews (racy material, award winners, family friendly, controversial topics, etc.). It just goes to show that sometimes what the library has to offer can top the Internet for a one-stop information source.